Wednesday 10 February 2021

Stirrings of Dissent on Official Focolare Website

 From the written and spoken reactions of the Focolare Movement to the address Pope Francis gave to the leaders and over 300 memebers of the Assembly of the Movement (Saturday 6 February 2021), it would seem that they have not registered that he was giving them (to use their own terms) a 'purgatory', ie a reprimand, rather than the 'paradise', or praise, to which they think they are entitled.

However, in a comment to the page Transform suffering to a source of hope on, the official site of the Movement, which gives a summary of the main points of the Pope's speech, it seems that someone really did understand what he was saying:

Gianfranco Bressi comments:                                 6 February 2021  22.27 

'In order to carry out the words of the Pope as far as self-referentiality and transparence are concerned, I would suggest that Margaret should open a dialogue with those internal members who left the Movement slamming the door behind them.'

Even more interesting, however, would be a similar reaction on  behalf of 'Olympus', or the 'Centre of the Work'.

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